Fort Worth: Soon to be smoke free

No smoking

Smoking in bars, bingo parlors and private clubs in Fort Worth will soon end.

The Fort Worth City Council decided this past week to draft an ordinance that clamps down on smoking in public places. The only exception: Smoking will still be allowed at stores whose primary business is to sell cigars and tobacco products.

No deadline was placed on when a new ordinance would be completed and brought back to the council. A public hearing will be held when its placed on the City Council agenda for a vote. A majority of the council supports the changes, based on comments from members Tuesday.

In asking for the new ordinance, the council members agreed the city’s smoking ordinance has not kept pace with public sentiment and data that shows the ill effects of secondhand smoke.


Under the proposed ordinance, smoking would not be allowed even in outdoor patio areas within a bar as well as at private events held in public places. The council agreed to take up the issue of regulating e-cigarette and vaping shops at a later date.

Garage sale permits put on hold for a year

In other action, for the next year residents holding garage sales will not be required to get a permit. But that doesn’t mean enforcement of the city’s ordinance governing garage sales is being dropped. Residents can hold only two garage sales a year.

The council agreed with the Planning and Development Department to a one-year trial period after hearing about how much time it takes to issue garage sale permits. If a resident calls and still wants a permit, he or she will be directed to the city’s website to apply for one.