Bus service will change for WSISD


A State Senator plans to introduce legislation this week that would do away with Dallas County Schools (DCS) and their bus service. Currently, 12 school districts use DCS for bus transportation including White Settlement ISD. Continue reading “Bus service will change for WSISD”


The rise and fall of the wall along Chapel Creek


This section of a resident’s backyard fence along Chapel Creek Boulevard is crumbling onto a nearby sidewalk. A plan to replace the fence is finally in place with the help from The City of Fort Worth.

With a lot of letter writing, phone calling and attendance at meetings, residents along Chapel Creek are finally seeing some relief in restrictions for the brick wall that is falling down in their backyard. Continue reading “The rise and fall of the wall along Chapel Creek”

Memorial Wall featured at Cowtown rodeo weekend


The Wall That Heals, a traveling, half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., will be the centerpiece of the FanZone of The Semi-finals of THE AMERICAN Rodeo in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards from Feb. 14-17. The rodeo will be held in Cowtown Coliseum Wednesday through Friday and the finals will be held at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, Feb. 19. Continue reading “Memorial Wall featured at Cowtown rodeo weekend”

On the way down while other properties on the way up

The old Lockheed Martin building in Westpoint is all but gone. Only a portion of the hull remains, and that will be gone in just days. Over the past several months, demolition workers have been sorting and hauling off the concrete and steel that once made this one of the most secure buildings in the country. In 1991, situated on 65 acres, Building 500 was a state-of-the-art 4-story facility. Still no word on what’s to come. Contact with the property owner only gets a “No comment” to all our questions, but we’ll keep trying.

For residents living in the Westpoint area of west Fort Worth, several large properties that have been vacant for years are now under contract to be sold. The developers have all filled out pre-application paperwork with The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for housing tax credits and are showing that they will be building multi-family housing units on the properties. Continue reading “On the way down while other properties on the way up”


Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo
Active and retired members of the military can receive free rodeo tickets for themselves and their immediate families for Military Appreciation Day, January 30, at the legendary Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo thanks to Denbury Resources. Denbury is an independent oil and gas company with operations focused on the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions of the U.S.


Humbug… Gas prices on the rise


Gasoline prices around the area as well as Texas have started 2017 on a higher note. AAA Texas on Thursday reported the average price at the pump statewide rose a nickel this week to reach an average $2.16 per gallon. The average gasoline price across the U.S. increased 6 cents to reach $2.36 per gallon. El Paso has the cheapest gasoline in Texas this week at an average $2.08 per gallon. Drivers in Dallas face the highest retail gasoline prices statewide at an average $2.21 per gallon.

WS Area Chamber elects new officers


New officers were elected for the White Settlement Area Chamber of Commerce. Pictured are Steve Siebenthall (Director), Stephen Groomer (Treasurer), Lonnie Folsom (Director), Sam Symonds (President), Steve Sanders DC (2nd Vice President), JoAnna Kimbrell (Secretary), John Reaves (Director)  Not Present: Tyler McGlasson (1st Vice President). Continue reading “WS Area Chamber elects new officers”

Lockheed displays F-35 Lightning model downtown

Erin Wilde and 92.1 Hank FM was on hand Monday morning for a special promotion with Mark Johnson, F-35 Media Relations at Lockheed Martin. The fighter jet was part of promotions for the Armed Forces Bowl.

On a cold Monday morning in downtown Fort Worth, office workers were doing a double-take as they hurried into their office buildings. A look twice saw an F-35 Lightning II parked in the middle of the city. Continue reading “Lockheed displays F-35 Lightning model downtown”

10th anniversary of inaugural flight of F-35

The F-35 takes off into a clear blue sky after being delayed for nearly six hours for morning fog. Two f-16 fighter jets escorted test pilot Jon Beesley on his 35 minute test flight. Thousands of people lined up along Spur 341 and North Loop 820 to witness the inaugural test flight ten years ago. Photo by Keith Robinson

Amid the tweets from both President Elect Donald Trump and Lockheed Martin, a group of people including test pilots, engineers, assembly workers and others who worked on developing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet will be celebrating as the 10th anniversary of the inaugural flight takes place. Continue reading “10th anniversary of inaugural flight of F-35”

New members sworn in with Oath of Office

Newly elected city council member Evelyn Spurlock is sworn in by City Secretary Amy Arnold.

Oaths of office were administered Tuesday night at the White Settlement City Council meeting to newly elected council members Evelyn Spurlock and Danny Anderson. City Secretary Amy Arnold  governed the ceremony and became somewhat emotional during the reading of the oath due to the fact that her father-in-law, who recently passed, served in a council position. Council members unanimously voted newly elected member Danny Anderson as Mayor Pro Tem. Continue reading “New members sworn in with Oath of Office”

Local high school bands, groups take part in Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth

The Lake Worth Band entertained the crowd with Holiday Music.
The Lake Worth Band entertained the crowd with Holiday Music.

At the Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth, tradition was on full display with wounded officer Matt Pearce serving as Grand Marshal.
Marching bands from Lake Worth HS, Benbrook HS and FWISD filled the streets with holiday music. Motorcycle clubs and even DeLorean Back to the Future cars were all dressed in layers of lights. Continue reading “Local high school bands, groups take part in Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth”

It’s Up, It’s Big, It’s Christmas time in Cowtown


In case you’re counting down, there are 38 days left until Christmas, and in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square, the official start of the holiday season has arrived. A 57-foot Blue Spruce became part of the downtown Fort Worth’s cityscape Monday in preparation for this weekend’s arrival of Santa Claus and the Parade of Lights. Continue reading “It’s Up, It’s Big, It’s Christmas time in Cowtown”

While you’re putting money in your tank don’t get taken to the cleaners as well


gasby Cheryl Posey

An old crime is rearing its ugly head at the gas pumps again; a crime that can easily be prevented with knowledge and forethought.
All summer various news sources all over the country have been warning women about “the sliders.” But the crime continues to occur and the target goes beyond just women. Continue reading “While you’re putting money in your tank don’t get taken to the cleaners as well”

BOO at the Zoo provides fun for entire family

happy halloween

by Ben Posey

Have a wild hare? How about Halloween with the young spooks this year by taking them to Boo at the Zoo. Kids will have harmless fun with the many wild animal exhibits, trick-or-treating around the zoo and all kinds of PG-rated activities. The zoo is filled with nothing but adorable animals, educational opportunities and a cheerful Halloween experience. Continue reading “BOO at the Zoo provides fun for entire family”

15 years later, a Nation remembers 9-11 attack

Austin Aldridge participating in the Climb for a Calling in Fort Worth. Photo by Ben Saladino
Austin Aldridge participating in the Climb for a Calling in Fort Worth. Photo by Ben Saladino

The nation paused on Sunday to remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost 15 years ago when terrorists launched a coordinated attack on two World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, and hijacked a fourth plane destined for an unknown location. Continue reading “15 years later, a Nation remembers 9-11 attack”

Fifteen graduate from citizen academy


A group of local citizens spent three hours every Thursday night for over two-months learning about police department procedures that included searching vehicles, officer approaches on traffic stops and shot training simunitions. On Sept. 6, this group graduated from the Citizen Police Academy. Included in the photo are: back row from left to right: Cpl J. Carter, Faron Young, Fredrick Brewer, Frank Childress, Brent Snelling, Ralph Davison, James Johnson, George Tucker, Chief J.P. Bevering; Middle Row left to right: Lilliane Davison, Susan McNutt, Laura Carter, Sabrina Tucker; Bottom Row left to right: Dolores Vazquez, Veronica Herrera, Angela Arnold, Oakley Bowman.

City council finalizes budget numbers in workshop, answers most citizen’s questions

WS City Logo

The City of White Settlement held the second in a series of budget workshops to discuss items on the 2016-17 fiscal year budget on Tuesday night. Steve Ott was absent from the meeting that saw a total of four citizens in attendance. Continue reading “City council finalizes budget numbers in workshop, answers most citizen’s questions”

Don’t be bored on Labor Day: 8 great ways to celebrate

labor day

By Ben Posey

As holidays go, Labor Day gets a little bit of a bum treatment. There’s no big parade (no disrespect to Garland’s annual event), no huge Labor festival. (Though you can get plenty festive at Bedford Blues & BBQ.)

All this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Quite the contrary. We’ve rounded up a great list, with something for every letter in the holiday that needs a little love: L-A-B-O-R D-A-Y.  Continue reading “Don’t be bored on Labor Day: 8 great ways to celebrate”


By Cheryl Posey

Hold the presses! This can’t wait.

If you have a cup of hot (or cold, for you wimps) Starbucks deliciousness in your future, you may have to add a few more minutes to your drive time to get it for a couple of weeks, which is ill-timed since teachers and students may need that extra caffeine at the start of school. Continue reading

Museum hosts black powder firing event

museum pic

By Carol Davis
Special to The Grizzly

The 15th Texas Cavalry/2nd US, under the direction of Captain Ron J. Paynter,  presented a day of Living History this past month at the White Settlement Historical Museum featuring black powder volley firing demonstrations and inspections, gunpowder cartridge rolling and bugle drills including the playing of Taps. If you missed it, another scheduled return for Living History Day is scheduled for Saturday, November 12.

Many names for the full moon of July

full moon

A full moon occurs each month when the sun, Earth, and moon line up. At this time, the Earth-facing side of the moon is completely lit up by sunlight. This month, the full moon rises to its prime at 6:57 p.m. EDT on Tuesday. However, for some unaided observers, the monthly full moon appears full about a day before and after the actual full moon phase

The moniker Full Buck Moon symbolizes the time of the year when male deer, known as bucks, start to grow their new antlers. While this nickname is most commonly used, it is only one of the many lunar names for this month’s full moon.

July’s full moon has also been called the Full Thunder Moon and the Full Hay Moon, as July is considered to be the season with the most frequent thunderstorms and the time of year when farmers harvest, bale and stow hay for the upcoming winter.

Full moons generally rise once a month — with the exception of a “Blue Moon,” which appears twice in a month — and the variety of names given to these spectacular lunar events stems from ancient cultures, including Native American tribes living in the northeast U.S., according to The Farmer’s Almanac. In Chinese culture, for example, the full moon of July is referred to as the Hungry Ghost Moon.

New Honeycomb director aims to continue tradition

Alesha Walpole

by A.C. Hall

When the new school year begins, it will be the dawning of a new era for the storied Brewer High School Honeycombs drill team.  Long time director Kelli Winn retired at the close of the 2015 – 2016 school year, and in her place the White Settlement Independent School District named Alesha Walpole to take over.
Last week, Walpole shared some thoughts with The Detail about her new approach as Honeycombs Director, her background and experience, and what Mrs. Winn meant to her.  First are our questions in italics, followed by her responses. Continue reading “New Honeycomb director aims to continue tradition”

Council reinstates library cat at special me(ow)eting Friday


by A.C. Hall

Following a wild week of media exposure that spread beyond the United States into countries all around the world, the White Settlement City Council held a special meeting on Friday to re-visit their decision to remove Browser the cat from the library.  This comes after the story was picked up by the Washington Post, online news giant Gawker.com, and international media outlets. Continue reading “Council reinstates library cat at special me(ow)eting Friday”

Council votes to remove cat from library

Claire Smith poses with Browser the cat and a library worker.
Claire Smith poses with Browser the cat and a library worker.

by A.C. Hall

On Tuesday, the White Settlement City Council voted to remove Browser, the cat that has lived in the library for the past six years.  This came despite an outpouring of support for the cat.  The council chambers were full, with most in attendance there to voice their support for Browser.
Discussions on this item began with Mayor Ronald A. White, who spoke in support of Browser.  Council member Dave Mann also voiced his support of keeping the cat in the library.  Eight members of the audience also spoke, each of them voicing their approval for keeping Browser in the library.  Reasons given were his pest control abilities, his ability to draw children to the library, and the fact that he is loved by the people of the city.  A petition signed by 618 people who support keeping the cat in the library was also mentioned.   Continue reading “Council votes to remove cat from library”

Citizens remember councilman Mike Arnold

Mike Arnold, Srcrop

by A.C. Hall

In remembrances written on an online tribute wall created by his family through Greenwood Memorial Park, White Settlement city council member Mike Arnold, Sr. was described as “a gentle giant, a helpful neighbor, the first sophomore at BHS to make varsity football,” and  “a fine example for scores of children and adults.”  Would any disagree? Continue reading “Citizens remember councilman Mike Arnold”

Flag Day 2016

Flag USA

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act, which stated, “Resolved that the flag of the United States be made of 13 stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be 13 stars, white in a field of blue, representing a new Constellation.”

As our nation has grown, so has the number of stars on the flag. But the 13 stripes have been a constant. The stars represent our nation’s ability to grow and prosper, and the stripes as the bedrock principles which have guided us from the start.

So pull out your Stars and Stripes and display it proudly and properly today.

Local student hits the links at inaugural Junior Invitational at Colonial last week

Javie Cerda (middle), and caddie Tre Wright (behind) from Benbrook Middle School walk down the fairway at Colonial.
Javie Cerda (middle), and caddie Tre Wright (behind) from Benbrook Middle School walk down the fairway at Colonial.

by Ben Posey

Javie Cerda, a Brewer Middle School student and soon to be freshman at BHS, was selected from the local chapter of First Tee players to participate in the Inaugural Junior Invitational at the Dean and DeLuca held at Colonial Country Club during the Memorial Day weekend pro golf tournament. The event, which was held on the Sunday prior to the tournament start, was part of the Nike Golf Youth Clinic, which was open to kids of all ages. Continue reading “Local student hits the links at inaugural Junior Invitational at Colonial last week”

Lockheed sponsors bike giveaway

bike giveaway

Ten White Settlement ISD elementary students won new bikes in the 18th annual Lockheed Martin Bike Giveaway this year. Students who earn perfect attendance and receive good citizenship for the entire year qualify for a random drawing to win a bike. One boy and one girl from each school wins.
Pictured are: (l-r) Robert Heick, Blue Haze Elementary; Erick Aguilar, West Elementary; Riley Frisbee, Liberty Elementary; Elora Mack, Blue Haze Elementary; Miguel Carrera, North Elementary; Hydey Maxwell, Fine Arts Academy; Heidi Flores, North Elementary; and Yareli Loya, West Elementary.
Not pictured is Tristan-Tan Le-Nguyen, Fine Arts Academy, and Crysten Quibol, Liberty Elementary.

Driver license-less student wins car

Pictured with Sablan are: Dick Titterington, Moritz Chevrolet general sales manager; Jim Hardick, general manager; Gabriel Lozano, sales manager; and Robert Sanders, sales.
Pictured with Sablan are: Dick Titterington, Moritz Chevrolet general sales manager; Jim Hardick, general manager; Gabriel Lozano, sales manager; and Robert Sanders, sales.

Micah Sablan may not have a driver’s license yet, but he scored big this past week when he won a 2016 Chevy Cruz from Moritz Chevrolet during a perfect attendance drawing.

“It was crazy and surreal,” said Sablan. “It was neat to think coming to school every day and working hard could payoff with such an award.”

Micah turns 16 this summer and is planning on getting his license.  The family received the car this last weekend from Moritz.  It’s in the garage waiting for his day to drive in the soon future.
Every student with perfect attendance this school year qualified for a drawing, and 10 students’ names were drawn to receive keys that could start the engine of the new car.
The other winners were: Jacob Kottwitz, Juan Calzada, Mari Ferrer, Christa Brown, Brendan Webber, Ramiro Botello, Kelsey Bushy, Tristen Allbright and Donovan Brown.