Arlington Heights Choir Sings with Foreigner

The Treble Choir, from Fort Worth ISD’s Arlington Heights High School will perform onstage with the rock band Foreigner on Friday, February 3, at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie. The choir will appear during the performance of “I Wanna Know What Love Is” written by Mick Jones (and Lou Gramm).    

 Radio station KLUV (Dallas) sponsored a contest at the request of Foreigner to find a backup choir to have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing on stage with the British-American group. In the YouTube entry video senior Carlos Portales sings a verse of the song supported by the remainder of the choir belting out the chorus swaying back and forth in three part harmony. Arlington Heights Choir Director, Hans Grim, helped produce the video.

 “The kids went absolutely crazy with excitement in preparation for this contest,” said Grim. “One student actually raided her mom’s attic to find clothes from the 80’s to wear. Another made large signs to hold. At the last second someone suggested the use of cell-phone lights to provide a little more ambiance.”

Watch the contest submission video on YouTube.

Foreigner is still touring, 40 years after their New York City beginnings. The band chooses a choir in every city/venue to join them as a way to highlight music education and shine a light on the young adults that will keep music alive for generations to come.



Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo
Active and retired members of the military can receive free rodeo tickets for themselves and their immediate families for Military Appreciation Day, January 30, at the legendary Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo thanks to Denbury Resources. Denbury is an independent oil and gas company with operations focused on the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions of the U.S.


Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Prime Time is quickly coming to town with the legendary Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo returning January 13 through February 4. Nothing symbolizes the essence of Cowtown like the Stock Show as the city and region comes together for action-packed rodeo, livestock and horse shows, carnival midway, the hottest music acts and a shopping experience that’s second to none.

Continue reading “Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo”

Lockheed displays F-35 Lightning model downtown

Erin Wilde and 92.1 Hank FM was on hand Monday morning for a special promotion with Mark Johnson, F-35 Media Relations at Lockheed Martin. The fighter jet was part of promotions for the Armed Forces Bowl.

On a cold Monday morning in downtown Fort Worth, office workers were doing a double-take as they hurried into their office buildings. A look twice saw an F-35 Lightning II parked in the middle of the city. Continue reading “Lockheed displays F-35 Lightning model downtown”

Local high school bands, groups take part in Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth

The Lake Worth Band entertained the crowd with Holiday Music.
The Lake Worth Band entertained the crowd with Holiday Music.

At the Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth, tradition was on full display with wounded officer Matt Pearce serving as Grand Marshal.
Marching bands from Lake Worth HS, Benbrook HS and FWISD filled the streets with holiday music. Motorcycle clubs and even DeLorean Back to the Future cars were all dressed in layers of lights. Continue reading “Local high school bands, groups take part in Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth”

BOO at the Zoo provides fun for entire family

happy halloween

by Ben Posey

Have a wild hare? How about Halloween with the young spooks this year by taking them to Boo at the Zoo. Kids will have harmless fun with the many wild animal exhibits, trick-or-treating around the zoo and all kinds of PG-rated activities. The zoo is filled with nothing but adorable animals, educational opportunities and a cheerful Halloween experience. Continue reading “BOO at the Zoo provides fun for entire family”

Don’t be bored on Labor Day: 8 great ways to celebrate

labor day

By Ben Posey

As holidays go, Labor Day gets a little bit of a bum treatment. There’s no big parade (no disrespect to Garland’s annual event), no huge Labor festival. (Though you can get plenty festive at Bedford Blues & BBQ.)

All this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Quite the contrary. We’ve rounded up a great list, with something for every letter in the holiday that needs a little love: L-A-B-O-R D-A-Y.  Continue reading “Don’t be bored on Labor Day: 8 great ways to celebrate”

Museum hosts black powder firing event

museum pic

By Carol Davis
Special to The Grizzly

The 15th Texas Cavalry/2nd US, under the direction of Captain Ron J. Paynter,  presented a day of Living History this past month at the White Settlement Historical Museum featuring black powder volley firing demonstrations and inspections, gunpowder cartridge rolling and bugle drills including the playing of Taps. If you missed it, another scheduled return for Living History Day is scheduled for Saturday, November 12.

Many names for the full moon of July

full moon

A full moon occurs each month when the sun, Earth, and moon line up. At this time, the Earth-facing side of the moon is completely lit up by sunlight. This month, the full moon rises to its prime at 6:57 p.m. EDT on Tuesday. However, for some unaided observers, the monthly full moon appears full about a day before and after the actual full moon phase

The moniker Full Buck Moon symbolizes the time of the year when male deer, known as bucks, start to grow their new antlers. While this nickname is most commonly used, it is only one of the many lunar names for this month’s full moon.

July’s full moon has also been called the Full Thunder Moon and the Full Hay Moon, as July is considered to be the season with the most frequent thunderstorms and the time of year when farmers harvest, bale and stow hay for the upcoming winter.

Full moons generally rise once a month — with the exception of a “Blue Moon,” which appears twice in a month — and the variety of names given to these spectacular lunar events stems from ancient cultures, including Native American tribes living in the northeast U.S., according to The Farmer’s Almanac. In Chinese culture, for example, the full moon of July is referred to as the Hungry Ghost Moon.

For first time in 70 years, Fort Worth’s annual PGA Tour event will not contain the word ‘Colonial’ in its title

Specialty foods retailer Dean & DeLuca has become title sponsor of Fort Worth’s annual PGA Tour event at Colonial Country Club.

The Dean & DeLuca Invitational, set for May 26-29, will mark the first time in 70 years that the longest-tenured tournament at a single venue does not contain the word “Colonial” in its title. Continue reading “For first time in 70 years, Fort Worth’s annual PGA Tour event will not contain the word ‘Colonial’ in its title”

Splash Dayz coming to White Settlement

Preliminary Conceptual Site Plan for Veterans Park Hawaiian Falls Waterpark and Adventure Park
Splash Dayz is new name for the water park.

by A.C. Hall

At a joint meeting on Monday between the White Settlement Parks and Recreation Board and the White Settlement City Council, some big decisions were made about the future of the waterpark formerly known as Hawaiian Falls.  After considering many different names for the waterpark, the City decided to name it Splash Dayz.   Continue reading “Splash Dayz coming to White Settlement”

City begins repairs, cleanup at water park

hf weeds

by A.C. Hall

As the City of White Settlement took possession of the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark last week they began assessments on the property.  Some of the council members who walked through the park took to social media to share their thoughts on the state of the property and their impressions painted a vivid picture.  Overgrown weeds, cracks in pools, piles of junk and garbage, issues with water slides, and improper painting are just some of the problems that these council members say they encountered at the property. Continue reading “City begins repairs, cleanup at water park”

Council announces intention to terminate Hawaiian Falls lease

ws logo

by A.C. Hall

At the April White Settlement Council meeting Mayor Ronald A. White made a major announcement regarding the Hawaiian Falls water park.
“There’s been some issues with Hawaiian Falls with payments,” Mayor White said. Continue reading “Council announces intention to terminate Hawaiian Falls lease”

Largest exhibit of live butterflies in N. Texas now open

pink hearted butterfly
You might think you have arrived in a country far away if you step into the conservatory at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens over the next few weeks. Stunning butterflies, approximately 10,000, from North, South and Central America as well as Africa and Asia were released this week inside the glasshouse at the gardens. Continue reading “Largest exhibit of live butterflies in N. Texas now open”

Stock show and rodeo heading into final weekend

Chandler Bownds of Lubbock, Texas, rides Lil' Warrior to a score of 86 during Bulls' Night Out at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, in Fort Worth, Texas. (AP Photo/Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ron T. Ennis) MAGS OUT (FORT WORTH WEEKLY, 360 WEST); INTERNET OUT ORG XMIT: TXFOR307

Come on out for the final weekend of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The final rodeo performance will be Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. Come watch PRCA cowboys compete in grueling events like bull riding, bronc riding and steer wrestling. Cowgirls from WPRA will race to the finish line in the thrilling barrel racing event. Each show also includes the Chuck Wagon Races, specialty entertainment and the Calf Scramble.

Virtual reality about to become realistic for gamers


by A.C. Hall

Virtual reality is a concept that has been around for a long time now.  Like many technological advancements, the concept long predated mankind’s ability to make it a reality.  Much like moon colonies, interplanetary travel, and fully cooked microwavable bacon, virtual reality is a long talked about advancement that has always seemed just on the edge of what technology can create.  However, the long awaited Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is now available for pre-order.  With the first units set to start shipping to customers in March, the virtual reality company that was bought by Facebook for $2 billion is ready to make virtual reality available to the masses. Continue reading “Virtual reality about to become realistic for gamers”

Best and worst movies 2015

Best and Worst MoviesMovies 2015

by A.C. Hall

Another year has passed, and it’s time once again for the most enjoyable best and worst list in Tarrant County.  Yes, I’m that popular of a movie critic.  In fact, I’m so popular that in 2009 someone sent me an email to tell me that I’d misidentified the type of rodents that starred in the terrible family film G-Force.  I’d called them Gerbils in my review, and this keen eyed fan pointed out that they were actually guinea pigs.  Any reviewer who can inspire such email from readers must be doing something right.  So yes, you are in for a holiday treat, and it’s just about time for us to embark on this magical journey that I like to call the Best and Worst movies.   Continue reading “Best and worst movies 2015”

Dawn Wells Explains Marooned Mary Ann’s Fate

Terry Ray and Dawn Wells. Still from film. Photo credit Leonard Carter
Terry Ray and Dawn Wells. Still from film. Photo credit Leonard Carter

Tinseltown Talks

Commentary by Nick Thomas

Fans of the often zany 60’s television sitcoms will instantly recognize “Gilligan’s Island” star Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann Summers, the perky Kansas farm girl shipwrecked on an uncharted Pacific island with six other castaways, including a professor, a movie star and a millionaire. Continue reading “Dawn Wells Explains Marooned Mary Ann’s Fate”

Stars Shoot Both Ways

Commentary  by Dr. Don Newbury
by Dr. Don Newbury

Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury

Most folks whose age is within a quarter-century of my Uncle Mort’s 103-plus years are happy to be moving at all. A few are willing to catch falling stars, tickled at the prospect of experiencing one final “whoosh,” even if pointed downward.
Mort, though, places limits on his “wagon-hitching.” He’s determined to seek trajectories aimed upward toward new heights. He continues to be an enigma, bearing head-on the challenge of “gearing up” to the year’s hardest work during the holiday season while many other seniors relax. Continue reading “Stars Shoot Both Ways”

A.C. at Home…

Commentary by A.C. Hall
Commentary by A.C. Hall

Movie Commentary by A.C. Hall

I love Jake Gyllenhaal.  In recent years he’s become one of the finest actors in the game.  One thing that’s defined this phase of his career is his willingness not only to play interesting characters, but to become them.  Gyllenhaal gives himself fully to these roles, delivering some of the finest performances in modern cinema.  Southpaw is no exception to this, as Gyllenhaal is completely transformed as the film’s main character.  The problem is, this isn’t a particularly pleasant character and the movie does far too good of a job showing us his failings.  The end result is a good movie that’s not very pleasant to watch. Continue reading “A.C. at Home…”

Bullfrog West Fest combines fun for kids and adults

Photo courtesy Chute 2 productions
Photo courtesy Chute 2 productions


Anyone looking for a place to enjoy the beautiful fall weather will want to head to Lake Worth this weekend for the Bullfrog West Fest.  Being held at Lake Worth Park near Loop 820 and Azle Ave., this two day event starts on Friday afternoon at 5 p.m.  There will be amusement rides, food, and shopping available.  Friday’s big event is the bull riding that will start at 7:00 p.m. Continue reading “Bullfrog West Fest combines fun for kids and adults”

A.C. at the Movies

Commentary by A.C. Hall
Commentary by A.C. Hall

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

It’s pretty easy to see that we’ve reached a bit of a critical mass when it comes to young adult post apocalyptic entertainment.  The endless stream of new franchises in this genre has died off, and all that currently remains are the already in progress series like Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner. Continue reading “A.C. at the Movies”

2015 Fall Television Preview


by A.C. Hall

It’s no longer 100 degrees outside, so that must mean that it’s almost fall in Texas.  Along with the (slightly) cooler weather, fall brings with it a fresh season of television.  As always, an avalanche of new shows are debuting across all networks, but which of those shows are actually worth checking out?  Below are the ones that seem to be getting the most buzz.   Continue reading “2015 Fall Television Preview”

Majestic Moments of Silence

Commentary  by Dr. Don Newbury
by Dr. Don Newbury

Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury

The years are many since we’ve been able to count the number of wars worldwide on the fingers of one hand. In the 1950s, a keen observer questioned whether we’d know what to do with ourselves “if peace ever breaks out.”
Today, we are flummoxed by this query, since meaningful peace seems unlikely, far over the rainbow. We are a restless, short-fused culture, warring at all levels. Continue reading “Majestic Moments of Silence”

A.C. at the Movies…

Commentary by A.C. Hall
Commentary by A.C. Hall

 No Escape

Is it one of your deepest fears to get caught in the midst of a riot or violent coup while visiting a third world country?  Well, if not, it will be after you watch No Escape.  This movie does an excellent job of bringing the chaos and horror of an out of control violent situation to the screen.  Is it a good movie?  Yes, it is.  Is it enjoyable to watch?  Not exactly.
Movies can be strange sometimes, and No Escape does something that I rarely see.  This movie does such a good job of creating the hopeless, desperate feeling of being trapped in a city while a violent revolution is happening that it becomes uncomfortable to watch.  The movie isn’t about an action hero fighting bad guys; it’s about a regular married couple and their two kids almost getting murdered.  For an hour and a half straight.   Continue reading “A.C. at the Movies…”

Tinseltown Talks

Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Borgart in Casablanca - Warner Bros Commentary by Nick Thomas
Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Borgart in Casablanca – Warner Bros
Commentary by Nick Thomas

Remembering Ingrid Bergman at 100

The term ‘classic Hollywood beauty’ could have been created to describe Ingrid Bergman, born 100 years ago this month. Bergman, whose birth and death (1982) fell on the same day (August 29), collected numerous awards throughout her career including four Golden Globes, three Oscars, two Emmys, and a Tony.
Several events are planned to celebrate Bergman’s life.    Continue reading “Tinseltown Talks”

A.C. at the Movies…

Commentary by A.C. Hall
Commentary by A.C. Hall

American Ultra

I tagged this stylish over the top action movie as a potential sleeper hit a few months ago.  Now that I’ve seen it, I’m pleased to say that this is a very entertaining movie that surprised me in a lot of ways.  Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my lofty expectations of being one of the year’s best films.  That doesn’t mean it was a bad movie, however, as American Ultra is very entertaining in it’s own dark, quirky way.   Continue reading “A.C. at the Movies…”