Chapel Creek Bridge to be discussed at meeting

chapel creek bridge


Chapel Creek bridge to be discussed

A Special Presentation by City of Fort Worth Transportation & Public Works employees will be the topic of discussion at the Chapel Creek Neighborhood Association (CCNA) meeting on Jan. 27. The employees will inform the attendees of information regarding the Chapel Creek Blvd. I-30 Bridge Replacement. The Location of the meeting has changed to The Redeemer Bible Church located at 100 Verna Tr. N (10300 block of White Settlement Rd. just 1 block West of Chapel Creek Blvd.) The CCNA is opening this meeting to the community at large for information on the future replacement of The Chapel Creek Blvd. I-30 bridge. Information related to proposed start times for construction, what the bridge proposal looks like, and perceived impacts during construction will be talked about during the meeting.